Artikel 140: Thought crime – Take down of a website from a political activist

Artikel-140 is on the moment hosting the website

On september 13th this year (2011) the Dutch anarchist writer and No Borders activist Joke Kaviaar was arrested on charges of ‘incitement’. Her house was searched thoroughly during 5 hours, and computers, memory sticks, hard drives, CD roms, and several other materials were confiscated or photographed.

She was held in police custody for three days, under full restrictions. No information from the outside could reach her and vice versa, because her lawyer was also bound by these restrictions.
During these three days she found out that she was also being charged with ‘terrorist intent’. Friends and comrades only heard about all of this after she was unexpectedly released.

When she was released, some geeks helped Joke to build redundancy in the system. They made mirrors and encouraged other people to do as well. Yesterday (8th of December 2011), the police took down her website. Within minutes they switched over to  the mirror websites. is proudly supporting and hosting the website and the  mirror of Joke Kaviaar’s website on:

We cannot and will not accept any attack of our freedom of speech. It is fairly easy to mirror a website and to build up a new one. The only thing what the public prosecutors managed was the temporarily take down of the website and a lot of media attention for the campaign against borders. See the website for more information.