Press release support group, Dec 7, 2012: State is again trying to silence activist Joke Kaviaar – Website and texts remain available on the Internet

(update December 8: The website is back online thanks to Anonymous. More info can be found here [nl] )

Utrecht, December 7, 2012

State is again trying to silence activist Joke Kaviaar

Website and texts remain available on the Internet

In a new attempt to make radical criticism of the xenophobic migration policy impossible, the Public Ministry took down the website of activist and writer Joke Kaviaar. The Support Group 13 September condemns this outrageous conduct by the public prosecutor, expresses support for Joke Kaviaar and calls out for continuous actions against the migration policy.

On September,13th, Joke Kaviaar was arrested and detained for three days, because the prosectuin felt that some of her texts on the Internet would be seditious. Then, as now, some quotes from these texts are ripped out of context. Ultimately, however, what it is all about is that no radical critique of migration can be allowed to pass unpunished. Article 131 is again pulled from the dustbin try to silence criticism.
The now followed, predictable, action by the prosecution will have little effect. In the aftermath of the earlier arrest of Joke Kaviaar, several mirrors (exact copies of the site) were launched. In addition, the so-called ‘offending’ texts are already taken over by many websites.

Led by Minister of Detention and Deportation, Gerd Leers, the Netherlands is rapidly gaining renown as the European country with the most far-reaching policy to keep refugees outside the door, where xenophobia of “own people first” and “foreign stains free’ has become the norm. Radical critics of this policy are consistently criminalized and attempted to be silenced. Today is another example of the judiciary as the servile puppet of the government, an attitude which is already common knowledge by the many outrageous statements in matters of immigration law.

Large parts of the world have been held in a suffocating stranglehold of the Western capitalism. Making an end to oppression, exploitation and exclusion in this world is impossible without burying capitalism and the dominance of Western elites. More than ever it is therefore necessary to fiercely criticize the migration policy and all such racist practices and take direct action in order to sabotage it and to counter it.

Support Group 13 September was established following the arrest of Joke Kaviaar on September 13 this year and focuses on defending activists who face repression from the state and to continue to call for action against the migration.

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