Another free speech trial in the Netherlands: Joke Kaviaar


Free Speech for Geert Wilders but not Joke. We now see the start of a “criminal trial” in the Netherlands against Joke Kaviaar – an anarchist and activist against the nature and manner of Dutch immigration policy. This young lady is an activist for refugees and for open boarders. She is on trial for what she said on her blog and has been told that so as long as certain posts remain up – she is “inciting” and “violating the law!”

Keep in mind that the Netherlands claims to be an advocate for free speech on the Internet. And – as I have argued in the past this is a double standard, as the Netherlands is all in favor of “free speech” for Iranians, Chinese and the extreme and radical right – the Netherlands is working to criminalize speech from the far-left, the vast majority are non-violent speakers like Joke. We have also seen people punished for speech that is taken as “threatening Wilders.”

As I have also argued there are double standards when it comes to “protected speech.” As this article from Krapuul points out, people have made threats against political opponents, yet no arrests. This is double standard is present on both sides of the Atlantic. While the radical, anti-Muslim right talks about killing Muslims, blowing up mosques and executing political opponents – Joke Kaviaar is arrested for speaking out against the brutal Dutch immigration policies. We now see that anti-immigrant policies have now taken to political persecution of activists as “threats.” Nowhere do we see that pro-immigration activist present some kind of terrorist or violent threat against national security and public safety.

I have been putting off my best work in research and writing about the darkness that is now enveloping the Netherlands, much of this darkness a result of about two decades of pounding the country’s by American-lead, conservative interests. I have spent about six-months wrapped up in Dutch history, in an effort to build a most detailed national identity study, and what I’ve found was that the Dutch had build for themselves a nation of real peace and inclusion, especially for Catholics and religious minorities. I have also seen evidence of Anglo-American Conservative activism and this can been seen in the pages of the British Contemporary Review and the National Review.

If you, dear reader, seriously think that the writings of an anarchist are “incitement” – the Dutch government has not yet seen what I will be doing in the future – as I am not just some Leftist political hack and have a substantial educational and academic background in national security, national identity studies, international security, counter-terrorism and analysis. The General Security and Intelligence Agency, whose writings I’ve been reading for quite some time (2 years), the subject to discourse analysis as the first order of business.
If the Dutch government thinks it can intimidate people — lol — I’m not at all intimidated.

I’m not an anarchist (I don’t belong to the Tea Party) – but I have been writing for years abut the militarist activities of Frontex, Fortress Europe — and believe that people should be able to live where they want, visa permits and residency regulations be damned! My main study area a few years ago was European foreign policy and I was especially interested in the activities of Frontex. I have the education and expertise to write on the topic that Joke advocates from a social scientific and critical perspective, but I’ve been a bit lazy about it. No more – the war starts in earnest today!

The Dutch people need to just as they did against the Nazis, French and the Habsburg Spanish and now the PVV-VVD regime funded by David Horowitz! “Freedom of speech” is, apparently, just for Geert Wilders and PVVers – and this tread follows the trend on the Western side of the Atlantic – of the “red raids” by the FBI against socialist, social democratic and animal rights groups. Out in Washington state, animal rights activists have been jailed for minor property damage crimes amounting to misdemeanors. These “red raid” especially occurred in the aftermath of the Summer 2010 US Supreme Court decision expanding so-called “material support for terrorism” into areas that are actually not material support for terrorism, like speech. We have seen people and bloggers prosecuted for writing nice things about HAMAS – yet we have Americans who have written fan mail to Anders Breivik and of course, those people who inspired the Norway terrorist, like Robert Spencer, have yet to be charged with “material support for terrorism” for all the inspiration he gave Breivik.

The truth is that our counter-terrorism and security institutions do not protect us from real threats because they are actually charged with political policing are harassing people that actually do not pose a threat, whicle the real threats are allowed to fester.

I can’t wait to publish and eat the lunch of the AIVD, the Openbaar Ministerie, and the VVDers. Let’s see them come and get me…I’m no anarchist writer … and I’ll eat their lunch, which will taste quite good too!
Elk woord een vonk!

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