Noise demonstration, 3 March: Freedom for Joke Kaviaar

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Noise demonstration, 3 March, Nieuwersluis:
Freedom for Joke Kaviaar
No to the criminalisation of solidarity

Joke Kaviaar is being held in prison in Nieuwersluis. She sits out a sentence of two and a half months imprisonment. Two months for writing two articles in which she takes a stand against the persecution of refugees and calls for resistance: ‘incitement’, according to juridical authorities. Two weeks for participation in a protest action in the municpipal council hall of Zeist, against the building of a prison on which refugee families with children are locked up: ‘disturbing public order’, according to the juridical authorities. In this way, the state turns an attitude of militant solidarity into a form of dangerous criminality. The state should not be allowed to get away with that.

That is why the Support Group 13 September organizes a noise demonstration on 3 March. Come, all of you! And bring drums and other musical instruments with you, pots and pans, loud voices and other objects with which we can make a tremendous amount of noise that can penetrate into the cells of Nieuwersluis.

Location: Plaats: P.I. Utrecht, locatie Nieuwersluis, Zandpad 3, Nieuwersluis
Date and time: Sunday, 3 March, 14.00 uur.

Accessible by public transport: train from Amsterdam or Utrecht to Breukelen. A bus from there, Syntus line nr. 120. Departure: 13.35 hour. Arrival Nieuwersluis Dorp, 13.50 hour. We assemble there, and walk together to the prison complex.

For more information on the case against Joke Kaviaar, see the website of the Support Group 13 September: