Aachen, 21 March: Solidarity event about Joke Kaviaar!


Aachen, 21 March: Solidarity event about Joke Kaviaar!

Location: Autonomes Zentrum Aachen
Date: Thursday, 21st of March 2019
Open at 6:30 pm, starting at 7 pm

The Anarchist Organisation Aachen invites you to an evening of discussion, political discourse and hanging out with live music and a warm meal.

The first edition of the anarchist meeting-point ZONA A will take place in solidarity with Joke Kaviaar.
Joke is an activist from the Netherlands who is currently in detention, being convicted of criticizing the racist status quo in the Netherlands and in Europe in her texts.
We invited activists of the solidarity group for Joke, so they can tell us what this racist status quo looks like and how the ultra-authoritarian and structurally racist Dutch state takes action against people who (try to) protest this injustice.
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Noise demonstration, 3 March: Freedom for Joke Kaviaar


Call-out in Dutch, see https://13-september.nl/lawaaidemonstratie-3-maart-vrijheid-voor-joke-kaviaar/


Call-out in English. Please, spread it far and wide!

Noise demonstration, 3 March, Nieuwersluis:
Freedom for Joke Kaviaar
No to the criminalisation of solidarity

Joke Kaviaar is being held in prison in Nieuwersluis. She sits out a sentence of two and a half months imprisonment. Two months for writing two articles in which she takes a stand against the persecution of refugees and calls for resistance: ‘incitement’, according to juridical authorities. Two weeks for participation in a protest action in the municpipal council hall of Zeist, against the building of a prison on which refugee families with children are locked up: ‘disturbing public order’, according to the juridical authorities. In this way, the state turns an attitude of militant solidarity into a form of dangerous criminality. The state should not be allowed to get away with that.

That is why the Support Group 13 September organizes a noise demonstration on 3 March. Come, all of you! And bring drums and other musical instruments with you, pots and pans, loud voices and other objects with which we can make a tremendous amount of noise that can penetrate into the cells of Nieuwersluis.

Location: Plaats: P.I. Utrecht, locatie Nieuwersluis, Zandpad 3, Nieuwersluis
Date and time: Sunday, 3 March, 14.00 uur.

Accessible by public transport: train from Amsterdam or Utrecht to Breukelen. A bus from there, Syntus line nr. 120. Departure: 13.35 hour. Arrival Nieuwersluis Dorp, 13.50 hour. We assemble there, and walk together to the prison complex.

For more information on the case against Joke Kaviaar, see the website of the Support Group 13 September: https://13-september.nl/tag/english/

Official verdict court: Conviction Joke Kaviaar on charges of incitement

Haarlem, 22-1-2013

On January 22 2013 the court of Noord-Holland has convicted a 49 year old woman to a 4 months prison sentence on charges of repeatedly inciting criminal offenses, through the use of writings and pictures.

Although a police report was made more than three months after the appearance of two texts written by the defendant, the court does not think that the interests of the defendant have been harmed. After all, there has only been a small lapse of time and the police report is sufficiently reliable.
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Peter Storm: Joke Kaviaar sentenced – solidarity needed

Joke Kaviaar, activist and publicist against the oppression, detention and deportation of refugees in the Netherlands , has been sentenced to a four months jail sentence for “incitement”. Solidarity with refugees should know no borders; solidarity against efforts to censor Joke Kaviaar, and all the ones speaking out against this repression should know no borders either. Joke Kaviaar will not shut up. Neither should we.

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Press release support group Jan 22, 2013 – Joke Kaviaar sentenced to four months in prison for incitement

Joke Kaviaar sentenced to four months in prison for incitement
– Migration activist does not let herself be silenced

Today the bench chamber of the court in Haarlem ruled in the case of incitement by speech and word against Joke Kaviaar. The court rejected all of the defense pleas of her lawyer and sentenced Joke to four months in prison. This is less than the six months imprisonment the Public Prosecutor had asked for. Joke Kaviaar will appeal the conviction and announces that she will not let herself be silenced. She will continue to speak out against the Dutch migration policy.
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Closing Speech Joke: Each word a spark!

(Audio recording at the court in dutch)

Each word a spark!

The Public Prosecution thinks it has the right to prosecute me on charges of what it calls ‘incitement’. In fact they are persecuting me because of my opinion, because of my written attacks on the destruction machine that is called immigration policy.

In an article published in the newspaper, Noord Hollands Dagblad, dated December 29, 2012 a spokesman of the National Prosecutors Office said about their case against me: “We find it most of all important that she stands trial and has to answer herself for her words.” So, for words… Words that I will not take back. The same spokesman also said: “The defendant seems to have done nothing to make sure that her website would disappear.”

Today again it becomes more than obvious: the National Prosecutors Office wants me to censor myself, since they can not: “It is going to be difficult to prevent such mirror websites.” as was said in Noord Hollands Dagblad. Power feels powerless, so it is intent on revenge.

The Public Prosecution will do everything to dispose this trial of its political character. Continue reading

Sentence demanded in political trial against Joke Kaviaar not astonishing and calls for resistance!

A response by Joke Kaviaar to the demand of the prosecution in the political trial of January 8, 2013

During the political trial against me, the prosecutor demanded a six months prison sentence for what she calls ‘incitement’. Is that a lot? Yes. Is that an outrage? Yes. Was it to be expected? Yes.

The public prosecution, represented by prosecutor Gerda Visser, proved itself very predictable in the requisitory. Her story was built up around RARA (Revolutionary Anti-Racist Action), the attack on the house of Aad Kosto in 1991 and, as she (or rather the AIVD’s report ‘The Fire of Resistance’ she quoted) put it, the growing resistance over the past few years against the ‘asylum’ policy.

‘A breeding ground for extremism’ is what the articles that I write are, according to the prosecutor. Continue reading