Joke Kaviaar, activist/ publicist, under attack by Dutch state – solidarity needed

Joke Kaviaar, writer/ poet/ anarchist/activist, had been put on trial by the Dutch state for íncitement against public order’. The charge is based on four articles she wrote and published on het website, in which she strongly criticized the oppression, detention and deportation of migrants/ refugees/ people without papers, and called for active resistance aganist these policies
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Another free speech trial in the Netherlands: Joke Kaviaar


Free Speech for Geert Wilders but not Joke. We now see the start of a “criminal trial” in the Netherlands against Joke Kaviaar – an anarchist and activist against the nature and manner of Dutch immigration policy. This young lady is an activist for refugees and for open boarders. She is on trial for what she said on her blog and has been told that so as long as certain posts remain up – she is “inciting” and “violating the law!”

Keep in mind that the Netherlands claims to be an advocate for free speech on the Internet. And – as I have argued in the past this is a double standard, as the Netherlands is all in favor of “free speech” for Iranians, Chinese and the extreme and radical right – the Netherlands is working to criminalize speech from the far-left, the vast majority are non-violent speakers like Joke. We have also seen people punished for speech that is taken as “threatening Wilders.”
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No Borders anarchist Joke Kaviaar comes out fighting against incitement trial

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“Well excuse me for living!” Dutch anarchist and No Borders activist Joke Kaviaar goes on trial in Haarlem tomorrow for “incitement” for her writings over seven years slamming the racist border system in the Netherlands and across Fortress Europe. Anonymous put her site back online, and on the eve of her trial she’s released this song on youtube: This is her story

(Joke’s blog in English from 26 September, before the new trial date was set. For latest news in Dutch see:

My opinion is incitement! Resist and defy the terrorist state!

On september 13th police came at my door. I opened, expecting the mailman to bring yet another summons. “Nationale Recherche,” they said “Are you ms. K.?”. “Yes..” I answered a little hesitant. “You are under arrest for incitement!” and that was it.
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Press release support group 26/12/12 – 8th of January 2013: Political trial against migration activist Joke Kaviaar for “incitement” – attempt to silence radical standpoints.

Utrecht: December 26, 2012: On Tuesday, January 8 at 13:45 the bench chamber of the court in Haarlem (Simon Vrieshof 1) will initiate the trial against Joke Kaviaar for “Incitement to criminal acts or violent misconduct against the state” (Article 131 paragraph 1 of the Dutch Criminal Code). The charge concerns citations taken from four articles about the Dutch migration policy. Strikingly, the earlier indictment of “terrorist intent” (Article 131 pagragraph 2) is not included in the summons. The Support Group 13 September calls to take a stand against this prosecution and considers that any person has both the right and every reason to criticize the migration policies.
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Press release support group, Dec 7, 2012: State is again trying to silence activist Joke Kaviaar – Website and texts remain available on the Internet

(update December 8: The website is back online thanks to Anonymous. More info can be found here [nl] )

Utrecht, December 7, 2012

State is again trying to silence activist Joke Kaviaar

Website and texts remain available on the Internet

In a new attempt to make radical criticism of the xenophobic migration policy impossible, the Public Ministry took down the website of activist and writer Joke Kaviaar. The Support Group 13 September condemns this outrageous conduct by the public prosecutor, expresses support for Joke Kaviaar and calls out for continuous actions against the migration policy.
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