Translation of last word: Do not take part in tyranny, but take part in liberation!


Note: verdict today, May 28, 13.30 hrs. (1.30 PM)

Do not take part in tyranny, but take part in liberation!

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In my last word at the Haarlem Court on 8 January 2013 I concluded to say that the struggle we need to wage is more important than this political trial. This trial is important to the prosecution that even more than is already the case wants to limit freedom of speech for people that put in their words and their actions against the government and not, as it would rather have, against each other. A political trial it is indeed because it has a political goal: to weed out the sprouts of resistance.
This whole case against me was also meant to keep me away from the things that I do, and to scare me and other off. This has not happened and will not happen because if we need to cross borders in order to achieve something, we will.

Time and again we will break through them, the borders of law and the borders of state! Continue reading

Support from Greece

A group that translates texts and other news that involve political struggle has translated one of the texts to Greek (Neederland wordt schoongeveegd/The Netherlands is being swept clean). A brief translation of the article is: history about what happened, your text and then they point out that immigrants are imprisoned, tortured, deported, murdered and the government in the Netherlands, as every government, is doing everything it can to not make the struggle political and in every way criminalize whoever is involved. The article ends with “the state attacks every person that acts or raises their voice against it” and your words about “if they fear our words then let every word spark the fire of resistance”

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